First Responder

A comprehensive 44 hour program for the sport therapist or professional rescuer. The updated version of this program launched in October 2018.

Course Content:

  • Critical Rescue Decision making and scene assessment.
  • Includes level BLS CPR/AED certification.
  • Management of airway, breathing and circulation emergencies, sudden illness, environmentally induced emergencies and traumatic injuries.
  • Oxygen Administration, Airway management and breathing devices.
  • Advanced Secondary Survey skills and Vital Sign Assessment including Blood Pressure.
  • Use of spinal boards, cervical collars, splints and specialized rescue equipment.
  • Re-cert by attending 2 days of a full course or by attending a 2 day re-cert course.

First Responder Course Participation Details:

  • Participants should dress comfortably. Full attendance is required. Certificate is earned through demonstration of skills during course participation and during a final summary mock rescue as well as successful completion of a multiple-choice quiz (minimum mark of 80%).
  • Each participant receives a wallet certificate, rescue breathing barrier device and First Responder manual (as required).

Upcoming Courses:

Original Certification: $600 + HST ea.

  • conact Action Rehab Therapy to set up a course.
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