Osteopathy and Athletic Therapy return Monday June 15th!  First Aid/CPR to follow very soon!

Please note that Athletic Therapy, Osteopathy, First Aid Training and Tape and Wrap Courses have just been cleared to open up.  I will open for Athletic Therapy and Osteopathic treatments at Quinnrehab in a safe manner on Monday June 15th.   Call to book at 705-305-1399.  On line treatment remains an option for those able to do so.  

I am now gathering names and starting to schedule first aid courses.  To that end, all Red Cross first aid certifications (which would have expired March through June 30, 2020) will be considered valid 90-days beyond their expiry date. These certifications will also be accepted for recertification courses when in-person training resumes.  firstaid@actionrehabtherapy.ca

Nancy treats out of QuinnRehab in Barrie, Ontario. QuinnRehab is located at 505-34 Cedar Pointe Drive in Barrie, ON.  Please phone for an appointment or to set up a consult:  705-726-2362

Red Cross has published their “safe classroom” protocols and I will implement these requirements for all First Responder, First Aid/CPR and CPR courses.  Please note that for your safety class sizes will be greatly reduced and participants should bring and wear a mask during most of the course.  Gloves and other supplies will be provided.  Please e-mail me if you are looking for a course as I only create them on demand (firstaid@actionrehabtherapy.ca).

updated: June 7, 2020

ART Mission

Action Rehab Therapy offers preventative and rehabilitation therapy to individuals of all ages and abilities. ART offers a combination of Athletic Therapy and Manual Osteopathic treatment and training to remove barriers to health and performance and restore the body to its fullest potential. To further prevent injuries and sudden illness, Action Rehab Therapy offers Taping and Wrapping, Event Coverage, First Responder,  CPR/AED and First Aid Training.